A Personal Statement And Course Correction

You may ignore this — nothing noteworthy or important

Kannan Natesan
2 min readAug 19, 2022
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I write because it is my favorite itch to scratch, and is satisfying that way.

I am a dabbler, and many things interest me. I want to write about them all. This space will feature long form, short form, poetry, and my other writing experiments. I will write personal essays and book reviews.

But my intention is to please. I get a high from reading good stuff: an elegant passage, a magical sentence, a verse with imagery, clever wordplay, etc. I aspire to return the favor. I do want many people to read, enjoy, and appreciate what I write; to be precise, the way I write.

But why should you read this? Is this worth your time?

Well, it may be, but to decide that you need access to my stories.

I have seen many helpful posts here suggesting that I promote my stories on social media. But I never felt comfortable posting a link on social media that may be behind a paywall. I stopped promoting after I started publishing member-only stories.

So, after experimenting with this member-only stuff to indulge my curiosity, I have decided to make all my future stories un-metered and public. I pay to read here, but I don’t want to earn money as a writer.

I have, though, activated the new tipping feature. Only if you happen to madly fall in love with any of my stories, you may consider buying me a coffee. I have enjoyed many stories here, and it now occurs to me that I must buy a coffee for all these writers.



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