Hear Me Out, For Things Unsaid Too

Sometimes, silence and non-words are more eloquent than speech

Kannan Natesan


Photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/mageshb

That words have been juiced out of their lives is well-documented. So, I shun verbosity — empty words tire me.

Yet, these expressions need words. Ones that may have some life…I manage to scavenge a few precious ones and struggle to string them together.

What might appear as flaws in the manner of my speaking are devices that I mindfully employ to perfect my expression. My stammering is the vocalization of a stuttering heart, my pauses judicious and deliberate — waiting for completion of the ring or echo of my utterance. Even the variations in my breathing are expressive of my navigating the narrative, through the uneven contours of a valley of word-peaks and pause-troughs.

I am at my eloquent best, overpowered by emotions. I have set out to convey something unique, and I want you to understand all that I have to say — All my toiling is to that effect.


You ask me to be direct and accuse me of meandering and being vague.

This insults my intelligence. I am bewildered — like a talented wordsmith having employed their best literary devices to create a magnum opus, being asked to write an abridgment.

If each of us had nothing unique to say, if all our complex feelings can be boxed into a blunt, pedestrian expression, we might as well stop writing and burn the books.



Kannan Natesan

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