Three Resolutions For A Sustainable Future

A utopian list of lofty resolutions from a disgruntled consultant

Kannan Natesan


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Regeneration or Sustainability — however you call it — is about a just and equitable society; nothing more, nothing less.

It is not only about how we treat natural systems. No amount of ‘going green’ is going to help us. Nature has ways to find equilibrium, and it will prevail. Whether we want to be a part of this equilibrium is the pertinent question.

A holistic approach to cure is to focus on the root cause and not merely treat symptoms. The following might seem too idealistic, but all our efforts must be in this direction. At least, these are very much under our control. These are the things that matter the most for us and our progeny to live in harmony on this planet.

Care more

We have, all along, been trying to “do our bit” with personal, commercial, and policy-based actions. These are partial measures, and most amount to treating the symptoms.

It is time we addressed the root cause of the issue. Let us mend societal fissures. Restore justice, equality, and equity. Quell the simmering distrust. After all, these are manufactured problems that led us to a crisis.

Let us also think beyond all borders — the social, cultural, and administrative ones. And in that order.

  • Racism and caste systems have done grave injustice to many people
  • Cultural borders feed our affinity bias. They foment distrust towards people who look, eat, worship, and celebrate in ways alien to ours
  • Administrative borders make us think we can live in our walled gardens. Unconcerned about those whose natural wealth we may be plundering; Those on whose shoulders we climb to prosperity, and those who are suffering the most today for our past actions
  • Nature is common and all-pervading, and doesn’t adhere to administrative borders. Destruction of natural systems in any one country will have an overarching effect across the globe (as we have known and seen)

Engage in new ways

We need a global democratic-socialist agenda — one where we ensure social, and climate…



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